Friday, December 31, 2010

Life Goes On

As people around the world celebrate a new year, life goes on. People still head in to work. Babies are born. Couples make love. Milk gets spilled in the kitchen. And people die.

Tornadoes, ignoring the fact that December 31 is supposed to be a festive occasion, touched down in northern Arkansas and southern Missouri this evening killing 6 people, injuring scores more and causing significant property damage. I'm certain those people affected by these storms aren't feeling festive at all!

There is nothing wrong with a celebration. It represents one of the mechanisms we humans utilize to mark the passage of time and/or to remember important milestones. A life bereft of joy and happiness is a life that will not reach its full potential.

But we must always remember that, regardless of the date on a calendar, life goes on and parts of each life aren't always so festive. When you lift your cup to the new year, please remember those who no longer have a cup to raise.

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