Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The Tao of Dark Sages - Chapter 9

The Tao of Dark Sages
by Scott Bradley

It’s been great to see you all. And I hope we’ll meet again sometime — maybe next year. Goodbye!

Ah, Sue-tzu! We were hoping you and Mark-tzu would share with us — you know, about your experiences.

“Hope is as harmful as despair,” Scott-tzu. You know that.

Yes, I know that. But you used to say we shouldn’t try to be spiritually correct in our use of words.

That’s true. So, what does it mean that you ‘hoped’ we’d share with you?

That we hoped, I guess.

As I suspected. Then you’re not in the center. Come back when you are.

But we’re here because we aren’t in the center and want to be — and think maybe you could help us along the path.

I just did. I gave you your homework: When you have understood and experienced what it means that hope and despair are the same, come back.

You’re hard, Sue-tzu! Help us with our homework.

Alright! Come back tomorrow morning and we can look at your progress — since this moment. I only want to hear what you have newly discovered. And no vain speculation! Ciao!

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