Monday, September 27, 2010

What Some Think

About two weeks ago, around the time of the anniversary of 9/11, I was tootling around the web looking at a variety of information. I happened upon a website called World Public Opinion. As the name would indicate, this group conducts polls to gauge how people from around the globe feel about different topics. One of the many issues concerned 9/11.

Here, in the US, many Americans are suspicious of the "official version" of what happened on that infamous day. Public opinion has vacillated, but I've seen a few recent polls that indicate that a majority of people here believe there was something fishy about the whole ordeal. While there are those who believe it was all the work of Muslim terrorists, a not insignificant number of Americans believe our own government had some sort of hand in the process.

Knowing this, I was interested to read what citizens thought in other nations. On the whole, only 46% believe that 9/11 was the sole responsibility of al Qaeda. A full 15% believe the US government played a key role -- that's a tad bit less than 1 in 7! Another 25% simply don't know.

As to the percentages per nation that believe the US government had a major role, I think some of the numbers will surprise most people. On the one hand, it should not be surprising at all that 36% of respondents in Turkey and 27% in the Occupied Palestinian Territory lean that direction. But a full 30% in Mexico and 23% in Germany lean that way too!

When one thinks of all the work that has gone into selling the "official version" -- a version marketed strongly by the government AND the mainstream media -- it simply astounds me that, regardless of where a person hails from, less than 50% buy it!!

For the record, I don't buy it either. Call me a wacko conspiracy nut, if you must, but I'm one of the 1 in 7 who believe my own government played a key role in the tragedy. I'm certainly NOT suggesting the Bushies orchestrated the entire affair, but I won't discount that notion either.

All I do know from my research on this important issue is that the "official version" doesn't stand up to muster. Something smells awful fishy.

(Of course, now that I've made this statement on a public blog, maybe the FBI will come raid my abode like they have done lately to a lot of peace activists in the Midwest.)


  1. I think people just don't realize that yes, their government really was stupid enough to let people hijack planes and fly them into buildings. They somehow want to believe our leaders aren't that dumb.

    But they were.

  2. All I know for sure is that Al Qaeda denied doing it for the first couple of weeks and then suddenly turned around and said they did do it.


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