Thursday, September 30, 2010

The Tao of Dark Sages - Chapter 4, Part 1

The Tao of Dark Sages
by Scott Bradley

I would just like to thank you this morning, Sue-tzu, for all the help you have given us in finding our true paths.

You are most welcome. We gathered here spontaneously and our time together has arisen of itself. I have played no greater part than have any of you. And now would seem to be an appropriate time to remind you that our gathering and discussions may very well be entirely fictional. And any transcription of our discussions might be entirely fictional as well. And more importantly, I would that you consider, too, that I, Sue-tzu, may be totally full of shit.

Perhaps I have no experience of that of which I speak. Perhaps you would find more truth among the Baptists or Hare Krishnas. I do not say that these things are so, but that you should consider that they might be so.

I am suggesting that you entertain doubts and see what they bring. If the thought that I may be in total error frightens you, then I suggest you seek to understand why it is so. Each one of you must pursue his or her own adventure, travel your own path. Grasp nothing. Believe nothing. Believe no one.

There is only one authority. And that authority is you. “If you allow your mind to guide you,” wrote Chuang-tzu, “who can be seen as being without a teacher?”

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