Thursday, August 26, 2010

A Most Reasonable Challenge


  1. an architect, a electrical engineer, and a city planner were drinking beer and waxing philosophically.

    the architect says that god was an architect. the symetry of the body, the way form follows function, the incredible weight to strenght ratios. god was definitely an architect.

    the electrical engineer disagreed vociferously. god was obviously an electrical engineer. look at the minute electrical impulses that course thru the body carrying signals with a great signal/noise ratio, and are processed in an amazing parallel processing unit called the brain. how could you not see that god was an electrical engineer?

    the city planner just shook his head and kept chuckling. you're both wrong wrong wrong! god was a city planner, and i can prove it beyond any doubt. who else but a city planner would run the sewer system right thru the middle of the playground?


  2. Do you know if there have been any good responses to this yet?


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