Saturday, July 24, 2010

Interview with the Author - Part 14

This last section of the manuscript for The Book of Chen Jen has been broken down into several posts and this post represents the final one. To see all the posts in chronological order, go to the Book of Chen Jen Index Page (scroll down to Section 3). For the sake of these posts, the questions posed by the interviewer, Sue-tzu, will be in bold and the answers by the author will appear as regular text.

You have suggested that we bring this interview to an end. Is there any way I could get you to summarize what your heart has taught you?

No. But I will say this: Knowing nothing, believing nothing, and surrendering therein — this is my gateless gate, my means and my end.

Might Chen Jen have a final imperative for us?

It’s all about letting go. It’s only letting go. Let go of everything until there is nothing left to let go and no more letting go. This is emptiness and rest and harmony with Flow.

Can we expect to hear from Chen Jen again in the future?

Who knows? But I expect not; I think he has said his piece and Tzu-yu had it right when he wrote: “Then Chen Jen was no more — just as he had never been.”

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