Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Derivations on a Theme - I'm with the Big Guy

Today on NW Ohio Skeptics, Bruce shares a snippet of transcript in the post "God Said, Let there be 13,48,50 States, and it was so." It seems to these two evangelical fellows that their God draws borders and that he has a definite opinion on the immigration debate sweeping the country.
I think the first thing they have to understand, it is God and not man who establishes the borders of nations. National boundaries are set by God. If God didn’t want boundaries, he would have put everyone in the same world and there would have been no nations; we would have all been living together as one group and one people.
I know believers state that it is humankind that is created in their god's image, but it appears to be the other way around to me!

It's been this way from the beginning. Whatever a certain group of people believe in, that's what their deity believes in too. Utilizing Christendom in the US as an example, people who are pro-war say that God is on their side and people who are pro-peace say God is on their side. Each perspective can marshal citations and manipulate text to justify why they are in line with the Big Guy.

It seems to be the artificial nature of far too many people to desire to have their views on any given subject aligned with someone or something in a higher position of power. It's like they are terrified of standing on their own two feet.

In the case of the snippet shown above, these two gents don't want to come off as dime store racists. Their position is tenable, they say, because their God is a racist too!

You can't argue with the Big Guy, ya know?

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