Friday, July 30, 2010

Chen Jen on Laozi - Chapter 5

Heaven and Earth are the named. We call them Nature — this vast, inexplicable up-welling of apparent existence of which we are a part. Its Source is Nameless.

Nature does not care.

A spring of endless giving,
Yet of giving nothing knows.

A fledgling falls,
A world dies.
Endlessly transforming,
Where is there a fixed identity?

Let us not impose our artificial values on Nature — purpose, meaning, benevolence. Let us rather harmonize with the way of Nature. Herein is peace.

If there is caring, let it be an expression of the up-welling within you, not a reified value imposed from without.

Straw-dogs are formed, have their day in the sun, pass into oblivion. Let us not assign them a fixed and lasting identity.

Yes, your precious self, too, is a transient thing — to release it from your fearful grip is to realize harmony with Reality.

How vast and unfathomable, this great up-welling of apparent existence! Our words are meaningless! You will find the fathomless much deeper within you.

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  1. These posts make for a very refreshing telling of the Tao that can't be blogged.

    Very enjoyable.

  2. Alas, this post represents the last comments we will see from Chen Jen...unless Scott conjures up more.


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