Thursday, June 24, 2010

The Nature of Nature

Tao as nature includes everything. There is nothing excluded from Tao..."The Tao principle," said Lao Tzu, "is what happens of itself [tzu-jan]."
Following on the heels of Chen Jen, Siroj makes the same point. The question is not what IS nature, but what is NOT?

So often, when most of us say we need to get out in "nature," we're referring to a park, trees, oceans, meadows, desert, etc. We differentiate the untamed wilderness from our everyday lives in human society. But if all things are a manifestation of the one -- life itself -- then why must we go anywhere?

We are in and part of nature wherever we are. Standing in the middle of Times Square surrounded by thousands of people is as much nature as walking down a lonely trail in the Great Smoky Mountains or standing on an isolated beach on the Pacific Ocean.

I'm sure you've heard somebody say or maybe you yourself have said, "I need to get back to nature." Back? You've never left it.

Nature is everywhere you are.

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  1. this is true, but there are many artificial things in the city. i find more sincerity in the "nature" of wildlife. people often go to "nature" to learn truths that are hidden to them behind brick walls and air conditioning.


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