Thursday, May 27, 2010

The Wanderings - At a River Crossing, Part 2

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“Tell us, Sirs,” entreated a man in the crowd, “what is this emptiness in which the Tao is and is not? How do we obtain it and use it to go with the Flow?”

“You cannot obtain or use emptiness,” replied Tzu-yu, “for emptiness is the absence of ‘you’. In emptiness there is no self nor identity nor content to know or use.”

“But if I am not there in emptiness then how do I know that I am there?”

Turning to his companions, Tzu-yu exclaimed, “We have fallen in with a band of sages and keen logicians!”

“Indeed, and their questions are worthy of answers as much as we are able!” responded Chen Jen. And addressing the man he said, “The Way is not a science nor are we scientists of the Way. The true sage knows where knowledge ends and does not transgress this boundary in idle speculation which can lead to no good end. Nevertheless, I will venture to answer your question according to the insight I have received.

‘What is Emptiness?
Awareness set free.
Free of self and identity.’

In emptiness is awareness and awareness transcends all identity. More I will not venture to say, for I am no metaphysician, nor do I wish to be. Find and follow the teacher within and you will understand whatever is bequeathed to you.”

“How then do we find this teacher and by what method do we find emptiness?” asked the ferryman.

“Both are found in an open heart; but of methods I have nothing to say. Your path will rise before you when you leave off all grasping and surrender to the Flow,” answered Chen Jen. “But know you each one that the sage is not much good at instruction, being short of easy answers, but excels in the companionship of joy and freedom in the Tao. So let us then enjoy together this fine day where the Tao sings to us all in all that we are.”

And so the people all gathered together to share an afternoon meal with the sun on their backs and the world at their feet.

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  1. ditto and re-emphasis of the point I made on the last part of this chapter.

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