Saturday, May 29, 2010

Derivations on a Theme - No Rhyme for Reason

Casey at Personal Tao Musings had a very nice post yesterday about the artistry of poetry. In it he writes,
Poetry is a state of experience, a place of spirit and mind you release into...

And this is key since you see "Release" is the core of any spiritual practice...
I used to be a poet. Not only did I write scores of poetry, but I also wrote short stories, plays, songs and two (movie) screenplays. I wrote in torrents and I filled up box upon box with all sorts of artistic words and images.

I don't write anything of that nature anymore and I'm pleased as punch with this development!!

You see, my artistic voice ONLY reared its head when I was filled with great angst. Once I shed the angst, my poetic voice dematerialized. So, I'd much rather be a contented fellow than a poet! I'd much prefer to expound on my take on philosophical Taoism than to pen the next great play.

Poetry served a great need in my life at one time. I'm thankful that need no longer exists...and I hope it stays that way! :>)

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