Friday, April 30, 2010

New Voices Along the Path XIV

Earlier today I featured some the new Taoist links in the right sidebar. In this episode, we'll take a look at the new links added recently to the Fellow Wanderers section plus one from Sites of Interest.

Both Eyes Shut! In a Real World, This Would Be Happening
(Because of space parameters on the right sidebar, I don't list the full title.) I’m going to make this short, because I’ve never read the “Mission Statement” post of anybody else’s blog before, and I’m not real sure I care if anyone reads mine. It isn’t going to be anything like the actual posts. It’s not going to shed any light on what I’ll write later, and what I’ll write later won’t follow any scripted guidelines. It won’t tell you what to expect, what reasons to visit, or why I have to write. It’s not going to inspire any immediate bookmarks or passionate replies, and when you get right down to it, its purpose will seem vague. In the end I will reflect on it the way a plastic surgeon probably regards his having facially reconstructed a professional boxer.

It’s a fine non-representation, though. It isn’t what it is, does what it’s intended to do without doing anything, and somehow manages to show some character through an embarrassing failure to provide substantial content. Like a good pop album. Or Rice Crispies treats. You know — like life. Anyhow, before this actually goes somewhere, I’d better run. I hope you have a good time! And if not, well, I’m sure there’s a more objective blog somewhere very, very close at hand. Something on nude celebrities, perhaps.

The ideas of a novelist, philosopher and artist.
Your last stop before eternal enlightenment!

Peace Is Possible!
Another world is possible: a world of peace, social and environmental justice, and ecological and economic sustainability. A nonviolent world where people don't hurt each other. A world based on mutual respect and prosperity, and partnership (rather than economic domination, subjugation and cruelty.) A world of joy, light and love...such a world IS possible. And in a world that is full of violence, including war, it is important to remember that peace is possible!

Short Sleeves Insights
Howard (Hal) Thomas Manogue was born in Philadelphia, and is a forerunner to the Indigo children, a new age term for misfit with an intuitive nature, a desire to know his truth with a gift of giving and sharing. Hal retired from the shoe industry after 35 years of sole searching, and discovered his real soul. He enjoys art, music, philosophy, psychology, nature and people. I am a spirit having a human experience. I create my reality through my thoughts and beliefs. I am a fragment of consciousness connected to different qualities of consciousness. I take responsibility for the choices I make and the dreams I dream. I am energy filled with the source of all energy and I live simultaneous lives. I am here to experience emotions and to feel the wealth of value fulfillment. I express myself multidimensional and appreciate the opportunity to be human.

Swimming the Sacred River
The Sacred River Project is dedicated to promoting a naturalistic approach to spirituality that is grounded in (a) progressive, humanistic principles, (b) a rational understanding of the universe informed by scientific inquiry, and (c) a reverent orientation towards the natural world.

The Broken Bokken
Your Source for Karate Training Tips...Healing Arts...Chaotic Wisdom...Zen Stuff. My Dharma name is Shinzen. I began studying Goshindo Karate under the watchful eye of Shihan Paul Dean in 1969. Yes, I now have gray hair. I am also Lay-ordained in Soto Zen under the tutelage of Rev. Nonin Chowaney of the Nebraska Zen Center.

The Laughing Coyote
Expanding Your Imagination ~ Expanding Your Life.

If you will let her, she will guide you to the outskirts of town, to the borders of your own thinking, but she will take you no further because it is for you and you alone to travel down that profound path which begins on the other side of WHAT YOU THINK YOU KNOW.

If you will let her, she will teach you to get over yourself so you can realize that EVERYTHING IS SACRED and, at the same time, NOTHING IS SACRED. Go figure.

Thurman's Notebook
For more than two decades I dealt with my dysfunction the wrong way, by hiding inside a thick cloud of cannabis smoke and occasional psychedelic drugs. I was one of a very fortunate few who travel that road and don’t end up addicted, jailed, dead, or insane (the insane part is open to debate). I don’t know how I managed to do the things I did and not destroy my life and I don’t recommend anyone else follow in my footsteps, it usually ends very badly. Like I tell my kids, don’t follow my example – learn from my mistakes.

When I gave up trying to destroy every brain cell I’ve got and decided to rejoin the world, I began to dream, and paint, and write again – things I’d enjoyed long ago, before this evil world did its best to break my spirit. As I climbed slowly out of the grave I tried to dig for myself over the years I began to finally put many things into context and have hopefully gained a small amount of wisdom in the process. (RT: One of my favorite blogs!)


  1. That last one sounds a bit creepy.

    I suppose the snippet you culled might do quite well for a "mission statement" should I ever decide I need one, but first I've got to get back on the horse, so to speak, and begin writing again. Maybe this weekend.

    Thanks for the link.

  2. No, that last one sounds brutally honest and interesting. As one of your loyal readers, I can attest that both indeed are true!

    I eagerly await you next missive.


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