Sunday, March 28, 2010


About one decade ago, I managed a progressive gift shop in Salem, Oregon, The Peace Store. We sold lots of T-Shirts, buttons, decals and bumper stickers (among other things) that featured in-your-face and/or uplifting themes. One of my favorite bumper stickers read, Your Hate Becomes YOU.

I've been thinking about this concept a lot lately as hate seems to be the predominant emotion that fuels so much of the animosity and violence that grips the world today. It's rampant in this nation as evidenced by the growing influence of the so-called Christian militia movements as well as many of the participants in the Teabagger rallies.

While there's no question that hate can motivate individuals and groups to undertake actions that they would not have undertaken otherwise, I'm continually amazed that people who make hate the focal point of their lives don't understand that they injure themselves more than anyone else. It's like a cancer that eats away the good that resides in each of us and, in time, that hate becomes the very essence of the person.

Ever notice how people who revel in hate have trouble mustering a genuine smile or enjoying the simple trappings of life? Their constant internal negativity turns the world dark and, even when the light of day tries to shine forth, their eyes can't see the effervescence or brilliance.

In the end, hate is an inverse fuel. You may think it serves as kindling for great ideas, action and innovation; in truth, it only fires a furnace that consumes you.

Focus on the light.


  1. Sure, if we are black with hate, our fumes are black as well, and poisonous.

  2. beware the dark side.

    May the farce be with you.

  3. Hatred may just be an abstraction of a wide array of emotions. But as you pointed out, hatred seldomly leads towards anything else but self consumption.


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