Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Check This Out

C. Om over at "What is Really Good?" has a superb post about evolution and humankind. Below is a brief snippet which I hope will whet your appetite to read the entire essay.
We now stand at the threshold of the next major leap in human evolution. The next phase in our evolution is not one of natural selection, but one of individual choice. It is a choice in perspective. It is how we choose to see the world and therefore ourselves.

How is this so? The average human psyche is severely dysfunctional. The mismatch of a very primitive human ego and the very advanced human mind has lead humanity down a path of ever increasing speed, technology, and efficiency and yet we struggle with the same issues of conflict, fear, greed, and disharmony as people thousands of years ago.

A human ego can be seen as primitive when it works against a person's well being. Humanity has quite literally outgrown or evolved right past the way it functions.


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