Tuesday, March 2, 2010

156 - Separate Ways

In all of life, the only thing that separates from Tao is the human ego, because one places oneself before all other things. By contrast, those who follow Tao divest themselves of self-importance and desire for success.
~ from 365 Tao: Daily Meditations, Entry 156 ~
We humans like to think we have a special status in this realm of existence. As the above passage points out, this may well be true. Unfortunately, our special status is not for the reasons we like to think (higher intelligence, ability to express empathy or that we're created in the image of a god). No, all the evidence points to the fact that we're the ONLY life form that chooses to estrange ourselves from the Way!

While other life forms readily fit into the awe inspiring mosaic of Tao, we spend our lives trying in vainly to move away from it. Even when, by accident, we might happen to catch a glimpse of the interconnection of being, we immediately shut our eyes and try to rationalize why it cannot be so. We try so hard to dam[n] the flow of Oneness because we fear what it might mean to get wet.

And why do we work so hard to try to go our separate ways? Arrogance. Plain and simple.

We think too much of ourselves. We are the god of our universe. We pay homage to ourselves by following our desires wherever they may lead us and they lead us to one dead end after another.

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  1. Well said, my friend. We are indeed an arrogant species, often so caught up in the facade of our own self-importance that we literally cannot see forest for the trees.


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