Monday, February 22, 2010

As Things Are

I'm getting better at taking to heart the ideas and principles I write about! As I've mentioned before, I had all my teeth pulled on the second day of this month. As I had already had dentures made, I went home that day with my new "teeth" in my mouth.

Initially, I expected to be eating solid food again in a matter of days. I, unfortunately, based this expectation on other people's anecdotes (externalities). Several people -- including my own wife -- told me that I would quickly wonder why I hadn't gotten around to obtaining dentures sooner. While it would certainly take some getting used to, the expectation was that I would master the world of eating and talking with dentures in no time at all.

Needless to say, this has not proven true in my case. While the dentures themselves fit well -- I don't even need adhesives -- it turns out that the upper set adheres to the roof of my mouth too far back. Since I have suffered from swallowing difficulties my whole life, the shape of the upper denture makes me feel as if I'm gagging anytime I try to eat or drink with it in place. So, in order to do either of these things, I must remove the dentures and, with no teeth, I've been forced to maintain basically a liquid diet.

At first, this realization really got me down. How was I going to maintain adequate calories and nutrition if I'm unable to eat anything with more solidity than mashed potatoes? But I didn't stay down for long. I realized the situation is what it is and I simply need to address it as best I can!

Today I return to the denturist in Olympia for adjustments. While I'm hopeful that my difficulties can be remedied, I have no expectations. It's not that I doubt that a solution can be proffered, it's more that I will deal with the situation as it arises. By focusing on the now -- the present moment -- I'm not going to allow myself to get all caught up in the what ifs or why nots.

I may return home this evening with the problem solved or I may return home with a slight or no improvement. If it's the latter, then I will continue to focus on how to make the best of a not-so-good situation. If it's the former, I'm going to relish eating a piece of bread for the first time in 3 weeks!

If nothing else, the circumstance I find myself in has had one very positive benefit -- I've lost nearly 15 pounds in 3 weeks. Maybe I can write a best-selling diet book: The No Teeth Weight Loss Program! :>D

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