Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Wen Tzu - Verse 137, Part II

from Verse One Hundred Thirty-Seven
This is what is meant by saying that when beasts are cornered they lunge, when birds are cornered they pack, and when people are cornered they deceive.
~ Wen-tzu: Understanding the Mysteries ~
Anyone who has ever lived or worked on a farm or who has tried to corral a scared domestic animal knows what this passage refers to. When animals see no way out, they are apt to try anything they can to get away.

Humans behave this way as well and this is why the use of torture isn't all it's cracked up to be. Besides the fact it's inhumane, it's not very effective either. Just like a cornered animal, the person suffering from torture is looking for any avenue to stop the brutalization. So, such a person will tell their captors anything -- whether it be true or not.

This post is part of a series. For an introduction, go here.

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