Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The Child Within

It’s not that age brings childhood back again. Age merely shows what children we remain.
~ German Proverb ~
Lao Tzu frequently refers to our infancy and childhood. This is the period of life when we are the most authentic because the external society has yet to permeate our essential nature and thought processes. Our egos are not yet formed and we more readily experience life as it presents itself.

I really like this proverb because it underscores that we never lose that innocence. It's there every step of the way, but we have trouble seeing it because of the layers of hubris piled on top of it. It's sad that so many of us only begin to scrape away the layers as we near the very end of this chapter called life.


  1. Very true...we all have an "inner child" but many of us are not aware of that part of ourselves, or are disconnected from it...


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