Thursday, December 31, 2009

Such a Silly Observance

In three hours, it will magically become next year. People the world over will celebrate the clock moving from one minute to the next. Many will do so by getting stone cold drunk and acting like imbeciles. In my rural neighborhood, several of my neighbors will shoot off fireworks (in the rain) or fire guns in the air.

Since we each can only live in the moment, if we want to get technical, each moment begins a new year from that moment on. So, why all the fuss about one particular moment?

I have nothing planned for the time when 11:59 pm turns to midnight. I may be asleep or I may be typing away on my keyboard. Who knows? Maybe I'll be sitting on the toilet.

For all of you who celebrate clock movements, HAPPY NOW!!


  1. Well.
    Thank you RT.
    As a representative of your readership, may we all wish you a happy new year's bowel movement.

    Hey: we live in the same timezone!
    I'll see if I can manage one, too, around the same time.

    It may not be universal-consciousness, but its a start :)

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  3. Bob said to me "Happy New Year". Then several minutes later, "I think I'll take my first dump of the year".
    It must be the year of bowel movements. Not a promising sign, if it is one at all.
    Happy Now, Trey!

  4. Good riddance to my earlier comment.

    Happy Now.

  5. wkk hay nigrasw i just drunk hers; for happyh new hyears i just wanted to say; i love wthe thato and i like yoru site alothogu sometiemse you seem like a neood buat i like you and happy new yearssse toyu ;and yoru tai

  6. E,
    Oh, I think it's a great sign of things to come! Shedding the old for the new. :D

    Oh Messy,
    My point exactly!

  7. "Put the horses in the wagon, it's all downhill from here...
    The fireworks are over, only the smoke remains, clouding my great crystal ball."
    --Procter & Bergman (I think We're All Bozos on This Bus"

    Just a turning of the calendar...I personally like to mark the lunar new year, which will be on Feb. 14, Year of the Tiger. (A second chance to make an annual fresh start.)

    Still, last night, I enjoyed banging my Chinese opera gong three times to accompany the fireworks that had been going on for HOURS. In Hawaii, it's a big noisy smoky deal. The Asian culture prevails. And we'll do it again in February, the yin of last night's yang.

    Of course, you measure a circle beginning at ANY point. A birthday, an anniversary, any holiday you like. Personally, I like that yin/moon thing. I think recognizing cycles is a very fine thing.

    And fireworks in the rain in actually a good thing. Less chance of setting someone's house on fire.

  8. Oooops...the actual P&B quote is "clouding my great crystal balls."


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