Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Linking Up

One thing I really dislike is finding a site or a blog with out-of-date links. Maybe I've spent a good deal of time searching for something in particular and, when I think I have FINALLY found it, all I've really found is a dead link! Arghhhh!

To this end, I did some work this morning on the links in the Taoist Wanderers section of the right sidebar. I've removed the dead links and I've italicized the old links (i.e., blogs or sites that have not been updated for 6 months or more). I will continue to list some of these outdated links solely because they contain good information. In time, I will check all the links in the right sidebar.

I've mentioned this before, but if any of you would like the entire set of links in the Taoist Wanderers section, you can email me and I will send them to you as an excel file.

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  1. It can be amusing to discover the things different people really don't like...

    My doctor announced, today, to my wife, that he is irritated by people who refer to the year as: two thousand and nine, rather than as twenty oh nine.
    He reasons that nobody refers to the Norman invasion of England as having happened in One Thousand and Sixty Six.
    It happened - of course - in Ten Sixty Six.

    There are things I don't like, either, but I am not telling you what they are :)


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