Monday, December 21, 2009

The Lady and the Dog

Della and I spent a good deal of the day in Olympia because she had an appointment with a rheumatoid arthritis specialist. While there in the big city, we also decided to get two new tires for our car. So, while Della did a little clothes shopping, I trotted off to get the tires installed.

I'm sitting by my lonesome in the little waiting area when a lady and her dachshund came in. The little doggie made a direct beeline for me. However, as the dog approached, his human companion warned me, "Be careful. He growls at strangers."

The dog didn't growl. In fact, he immediately stood on his back legs and placed his front paws on my leg. As I started to pet him, his human companion warned me, "Be careful. He nips and bites."

The dog neither nipped nor bit me. He allowed me to pet his head and rub his ears. And then he did something that caught both of us humans off guard -- He jumped into my lap!

By now, his human companion was dumbfounded. "He's acting very strange," she said. She apologized for him jumping on me, but I told her it was not a big deal; I'm a dog person. He curled up on my lap and allowed me to pet and rub him at will.

After awhile, the lady made him get down and put him in her own lap. He only stayed for a minute or two, then he jumped out of her lap and jumped back into mine. And that's where he stayed until it was time for me to leave.

I share this, not because there is some philosophic lesson, but more because it was sort of weird in a really nice way. It was a sweet dog and we seemed to bond instantly. Interestingly enough, when two other people came into the waiting area, the dog growled at them.

Go figure.


  1. Does a dog have Taoist nature?

    Although I think you're not into celebrations, just acknowledging the Winter Solstice! Yang about to make a comeback.


  2. He who knows how to live can walk aborad without fear of rhinoceros or tiger...

    or dachsund.

  3. Yes, it is weird. But it does seem to show that animals have that sixth sense, or instinct, to connect with folks who love them.

    They always growl at me, as if they knew that I am terrified of them and have no interest in petting them.

  4. Alfalfa Strange12/22/2009 04:32:00 AM

    I wish blue eyed brunettes did that

  5. Not so strange. Dogs, like most animals are more in tune with the flow of the Tao. It sensed a kindred spirit and gravitated to it. I hope you took it as the compliment it was though I am pretty sure you did.

  6. There's another element to this story that I didn't mention in the post. Initially, when the dog jumped on my lap, it was shaking like a leaf -- a sort of discombobulated tremble. Within about 5 minutes on my lap, the shaking stopped.

    However, when the pet "owner" put the dog on her lap, the shaking started all over again and it didn't stop until doggie had returned to my lap and another 10 minutes had elapsed.

    The woman told me she had rescued this dog from a drunk, but she seemed to be a bit drunk or something herself. I think the dog merely was looking for a safe haven.

  7. Haha I agree with Alfalfa Strange.

    I don't tend to like dogs, and I don't think they like me. Makes sense. I like cats though.


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