Friday, November 27, 2009

Wen Tzu - Verse 39, Part III

from Verse Thirty-Nine
Being as a female to the world, they are able to avoid spiritual death.
~ Wen-tzu: Understanding the Mysteries ~
We live in a male-dominated society. The supposed traits of males -- strong, assertive, aggressive, protecting, etc. -- traditionally are valued more than the supposed traits of females -- submissive, receptive, nurturing, etc. Yet, in Taoist philosophy, the traits identified as female are the ones that typically bring us closer to the Way.

In the passage above, the trait highlighted is receptiveness. When we are open to what Tao has to offer, we are more alive. When we can cast aside rigidity and embrace flexibility, then we can deal with whatever life dishes out -- We can handle every situation that presents itself.

When nothing can faze you and you can welcome all the pleasure and pain in equal measure, your spirit soars to unknown heights. At some point, your body will fail you, but the essence of what makes you YOU will live on in the hearts of others.

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  1. very wise words... the trick is no one i know of accepts the pleasure and pain in equal measure! definitely not me!


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