Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Scrambled Eggs

This seems to be one of those free association days for yours truly. I got up this morning and started thinking about socks and union suits which led to Christmas and stockings hung by the fire which led to Trick or Treating. Bear with me; I think I can connect the disparate dots!

With my birthday money from my dad and stepmother, I purchased the following: 2 books on Taoism, 1 flannel shirt, 5 pairs of socks and 2 union suits. While I'm very pleased with my "haul" for this year, I did find it remarkable how times change!

I remember back when I was a mere lad that the thought of receiving a bunch of socks for a birthday or Christmas present was met with a big groan. I wanted books, sporting equipment or games, NOT SOCKS!!

My mom used to put socks into our Christmas stockings. Looking back in hindsight, I now realize that this was done for sound economic reasons. While we certainly would not have been considered poor, we weren't rich either. Socks took up a lot of space and made the stocking look fuller. And it didn't cost that much to boot!

However, finding a pair of socks in one's Christmas stocking was like receiving an apple or some other type of fruit while Trick or Treating. No self-respecting kid wanted fruit! We wanted chocolate 'n peanut butter 'n starbursts 'n gumdrops 'n jellybeans 'n any kind of sugar-laden treat that was certain to rot our teeth. Apples simply took up important space...unless, of course, you threw 'em at somebody!

But I don't eat candy anymore and I love buying or receiving socks for special occasions. Throw in the two union suits and, all I can say is, I'm sitting pretty.


  1. Wen-Tzu (Shambhala Dragon Editions)

    Learning the Tao: Chuang Tzu as Teacher

  2. Now I know why I'm lucky to live in Hawaii: I can spend all my money on books. I'm not sure I have any socks, to say nothing of flannel shirts and union suits!. Traveling to Portland this weekend; dreading the weather!


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