Monday, October 26, 2009

New Voices Along the Path X

Here are some recent links added to the right sidebar in sections others than "Taoist Wanderers".

Asperger Square 8
Talk about squares, Asperger syndrome and the number 8.

Confessions of an Aspergian
A look into the mind of someone with Aspergers Syndrome.

DQ's Windmill
Writing about life with a dusting of Dharma. A philosophy instructor wary of philosophy. A Zen practitioner and a Yoga teacher. A walker. A writer. An enthusiast of such diverse things as music, tea, and languages. An animal lover.

Pieces of Zen
Zen is certainly not for everyone. Its rewards are hard, and almost impossible to define with words. Zen communicates through experiential practices that words are inadequate to describe.

My writings here in my Zen blog, in themselves answer nothing. They come from my zazen (Zen meditation) and aim to pose more questions within each mind. I hope the words on my Zen blog help take the reader further down his/her path to enlightenment.

Polynomial, originally consisting of two friends, is currently just one person… Karl Richard. He is a futurist, plane warping, mind altering, tree hugging hippie who’s not so hip he has trouble seeing over his own pelvis. He resides with his feet firmly on the earth and his head in the clouds. Yet he’s still aware of the spaces in between and the beauties beyond. Some say he’s searching for an illusive “something”. But all he really does is look at the same things from all the infinite perspectives that the human condition affords him.

As for ever getting bored here on Earth… He reckons that there is simply too much to hear, see, do and think about to become bored. And, as if to provide a tonic to anyone’s own self imposed ennui, he wants us all to remember what we seem to so readily forget in the daily melodrama of human life… Namely how fortunate and improbable it is that we are all alive and here today.

Practically Zen
Almost zen, but there are too many other good pieces of testable philosophy out there to stick to the one path for now. I have always motivated to find trouble and then address it. This is good and helpful for problems involving things or data, but it doesn't apply to people. Especially to one's self. I studied psychology and sociology to learn about the underlying forces of how we act as animals and how we act as groups, but something was missing. Philosophy. [Note: Currently writing a verse-by-verse examination of the Tao Te Ching.]

Skeptic's Play
Critical thinking... for fun? Written by an undergraduate physics major. I like to think.

Sojourner Haven
A blog dedicated to the ideal of dispelling illusions.

Spiritual Drifts from the River Karma
A blog that captures the thoughts of an Energy Healer on his Spiritual path as he figures his place in the world, learning along the way how energy really does affect our lives, yoga practises all whilst doing his beloved religion justice. As such, the aim of this blog is to help other spiritualists on their part.

The Reason Project
The Reason Project is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit foundation devoted to spreading scientific knowledge and secular values in society. The foundation draws on the talents of prominent and creative thinkers in a wide range of disciplines to encourage critical thinking and erode the influence of dogmatism, superstition, and bigotry in our world.

Walking in Stillness
This blog has a most simple (yet eloquent) tag line: I am ...

Weirdly Wonderful World!!!
Parenting, teaching, loving, and living with two children on the Autism spectrum. son has High Functioning Autism and my daughter was diagnosed recently with Asperger's Syndrome!!!!

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