Saturday, June 27, 2009

Tinkering Under the Hood

We've clearly established that I don't like change in my personal routines. However, balanced with this need for sameness is another need to stay current or up to date. So, despite the fact I like my blog template the way it is, I've been experimenting with the new Blogger layout and widget system.

As with all things me, this hasn't proved to be an idle diversion. I worked on it yesterday for something like 8 straight hours and I don't know how many aggregate hours all told!! Part of the reason it is taking me so long is that I know just enough html and css to make me dangerous, but not enough truly to know what I'm doing. :>) So, I've relied on the tried and true method of trial and error with a heavy emphasis on the latter.

The first thing I had to do -- because I like sameness -- was to locate a 3-column Sand Dollar template that was coded in terms of widgets. That took quite awhile. The first two I found on the web simply would not allow me to change the background color from white to what it is now (a sort of peachy cream color). After a good 2 or 3 hours of frustration, I finally found one that I could work with.

The next several hours were spent on trying to get the new template to look as much as possible like this current one. I succeeded in most areas, but I'm still hung up on a few others. For example, try as I might I can't seem to figure out how to decrease the point size of the section headers in the left and right columns. I've tried modifying the sidebar variants in the css, but none of these tweaks seem to affect anything.

Another thing I haven't figured out how to accomplish is the manner in which to place the little yin yang symbol with the title of each post -- ya know, the Taoist theme here.

The upshot of all this is that, if I can solve these dilemmas and a few other small ones, I will attempt a changeover. I don't think I will do it though if I can't figure out the category header issue because the headers right now are just too darn large and it makes the blog look out of proportion.

If you'd like to take a look at my little experiment, go here. If you have some possible suggestions as to how to remedy my concerns, by all means, leave a comment on this blog or send me an email offline.

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  1. Hi R T

    Ya, I like that "New" look. Yup I do. And now that I knew it took 8 hours I will just stick with the layout I have. I admire your diligence. :-)

    Love to you and Della


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