Tuesday, May 26, 2009

One and Three Zeros

The numbers one and zero can mean lots of things. Take one "1" and add it to three zeros (0, 0, 0) and we still wind up with one. Subtract the zeros from one and we still get 1. However, if we throw in a decimal point, ooh then we can do some fun things. We could make 10.00 or 100.0 or .001 or 0.010...

On this occasion, however, I'm not going to use a decimal point at all; I'm going to use a comma -- 1,000. This number 1,000 signifies the number of posts as of this very one that I've written on this blog to date.

That's hundreds of thousands of individual letters. Probably a few less syllables. Tens of thousands of sentences and a few thousand paragraphs.

In the overall scheme of things, one thousand means nothing. It's merely one more than 999 and 8,046 less than 9,046. But what can I say? I LIKE numbers. I think it's one of my Asperger fixations. Numbers run through my head constantly. I always seem to be adding, subtracting, averaging or counting these made-up thingies.

One thousand posts also points to the fact that I have a lot to say. I seem to be willing and able to expound on numerous topics, though there are certainly specific topics I focus on.

Heck, when I'm dead and gone -- through the magic of the internet -- the words I've tapped out here will live on and on. Who knows? Maybe 1,000 years later, people will still be able to access all my incessant blathering. That's kind of scary, if you think about it!!

So, here's to the number 1,000 -- a totally insignificant milestone of sorts. Maybe sometime, in the near future, I can work up the enthusiasm to embrace and celebrate post #1,084.

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