Friday, May 8, 2009

It Hits the Fan

For months now angry American citizens have wondered why members of Congress have steadfastly refused to vigorously investigate and bring members of the renegade Bush administration to justice for all their nefarious spying activities. Many of us on the far left have responded that the prime reason the Democratically-controlled Congress has been engaged in collective foot-dragging is because many were in on it from the get go. The Dems, of course, have flatly denied this.

But news is coming out slowly that our suspicions were correct! As the LA Times reports,
Congressional leaders were briefed repeatedly on the CIA's use of severe interrogation methods on Al Qaeda suspects, according to new information released by the Obama administration Thursday that appears to contradict the assertions of House Majority Leader Nancy Pelosi.

The records describe dozens of congressional briefings about CIA decisions that since have emerged as major sources of controversy -- including the agency's use of waterboarding and its destruction of videotapes of interrogation sessions.
You see, when too many hands are culpable, it's rather easy to see beyond the rhetoric. The Democrats aren't pressing the issue because this would necessitate exposing their own guilt!

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