Thursday, May 21, 2009

American Idol

FINALLY, it's over with for another year! This means I don't have to hide upstairs on Tuesday and Wednesday nights.

Look, I'm sure the program is mildly interesting -- Talent contests have been aired since the dawn of the television era. But millions upon millions of people go gaga over this stuff. They debate, talk and write about it incessantly...while Rome burns. I read online that something in the neighborhood of 100 million votes were cast for the final show of the season. Heck, if one-tenth of one percent of those people cared about what's going in the nation's capitol or their state capitol or their county board or even their city council, maybe we wouldn't be in such a mess!

Between the entertainment and sports industries, millions of fans only seem interested in living their lives vicariously through their heroes and idols. Sure, it might be great to imagine you're living the life of Derek Jeter, Julia Roberts, LeBron James or whomever won this year's American Idol, but it isn't YOUR life. So, get over it.


  1. You are speaking loud and clear!:) I love it.. How true it is, how true!!!

  2. Truth is, most people's lives are so empty they need something like that to fill it up.

  3. Every year, my Mother asks me if I "watched American Idol last night" and every time I have to tell her I don't watch it. This is not once a year though, she asks me this pretty much after each show... that and Dancing with the Stars.

    I watched a couple of seasons of American Idol, after that I got bored of it pretty quickly. I'd much rather waste my time interacting with people on the internet :)


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