Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Just Teasing

For the last four days, South Bend has joined the vast majority of the nation in the celebration of Spring. We've experienced above average temperatures reaching all the way into the mid to upper 60s. The sun has been out too. It's been an excellent time to tend to the garden and yard.

Beginning today, however, things will get back to normal. Temperatures will struggle to break 50 and a hint of rain will hang in the air. I don't mind the rain at all; I'm simply ready for the warmer temperatures of spring and summer.

Though Della & I have lived in this part of the country (Salem, OR, Aberdeen & South Bend, WA) for 15 years, I'm still not completely acclimated to the weather. Having grown up in the Midwest and mid-south regions, springtime means much warmer temperatures during the day AND night. Of course, it also means soaring humidity levels. I don't miss that part at all!

Spring in South Bend comes on very gradually. Our average high at the end of May is only 64 degrees. We won't see consistent 70 degree readings until late in July. It's not uncommon for our high temperature in the spring or summer to be lower than the low temperature for many places in the country.

I'm not complaining because our climate is what it is. If a person chooses to live here -- as we have -- you get what is advertised. My point is that, when you spent your first 4 decades or so in one clime and then you change climes, your internal barometer gets to feeling a bit off-track.


  1. Hmmm...Or could it be that we always find something to bitch about weather wise.

    I don't know about you, folks, in Washington, but here in British Columbia, besides the weather there isn't much more to talk about. My husband, for instance, is weather obsessed.

    He has thermometers all over the house, including the attic, and he never forgets to write down the daily highs and lows, for historic purposes. Also, he has a mini weather station on the shed's top, for wind speed and mls of rain.

    As for me, I don't miss the extremely high temperatures of Central America, but I can't stand cold weather. It gives me a headache and a backache.

  2. Weather IS interesting. It affects our lives in so many ways.

    I don't like cold weather as much as I use to. It makes my bones ache.


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