Tuesday, April 28, 2009

An Interesting Tidbit

I've discovered that, for Spinoza, "God" is not a being per se but logic itself. This is congruent with the Taoist view that Tao is a process or, put another way, Tao is. I've ordered The Ethics and, once I start reading it, The Rambling Taoist may become The Rambling Spinozaist for awhile. :D)


  1. You can always check out Deism, as well. It has some parallels to Taoism.

  2. I agree that it has SOME parallels, but the big difference is the deity part.

    I've always wondered what a deist thinks God is doing now since he is no longer interested in this world per se. Hmm.

  3. E-gads! I hope he's not gambling away our future on roulette! :) (Of course, we're not doing such a great job promoting our future either.)


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