Sunday, March 29, 2009

Voices Along the Path III

Here's the last in a series of three posts about new blog links added this year in the right column. These eight come under the category heading of "Fellow Wanderers".

Sour Apples - For God knows that when you eat of it your eyes will be opened, and you will be like God, knowing good and evil.

Superstition Free - Thoughts from an atheist living in Northern Arkansas.

The Naked Soul - The Naked Soul is a blog about my spiritual journey. First I should define “spiritual”, spiritual in the sense that I will be using it, does not have anything to do with any “ism” or organized religion. I am not a subscriber to any one organized belief. The naked soul is a reference to me, my soul, me spirit, my energy. It is the evolution of my awareness of my soul and the detachment of my ego. A fully aware soul, with a detachment from a ego is in essccence a naked soul.

The Path of Enlightenment - I’m so glad you are here. You may be somewhere between wondering about enlightenment and enjoying the beautiful experience of your real Self. That is what The Path of Enlightenment is; the continuing path of experiencing, enjoying and becoming you. In this blog I, we, will consider ideas that further our maturity on our path of enlightenment. This is a very personal path that cannot be traveled as a follower. Each one of us on this path is here as a result of our own personal effort.

The Sun Bear's Den - Having spent the last forty (or so) years of our lives letting the world push us to and fro, my wife and I are beginning to go after the things we want from life. I'm in my early forties, a husband, father of three, and grandfather of two. I've done a few things. Raised those kids. Got lucky there. They're great. Passions – family, friends, martial arts, cooking, gardening, writing, peace, conservation.

The Urban Monk - I'm just a man trying to live life with kindness and without causing harm - a daily vow and a daily failure. I'm a Zen Buddhist monk, a social activist and a writer, and the Abbot of The Sitting Frog Zen Sangha. I'm from Scotland, but have wandered far, and now live in Phoenix, Arizona, where the orange blossom meets the smog.

The View from Raindrop Ridge - My thoughts from a pantheist perspective, finding the extraordinary in simple everyday life, and the awesomeness of nature...

Unreasonable Faith - A former Christian's thoughts on faith, science and skepticism.


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