Saturday, March 28, 2009

Voices Along the Path II

To call oneself a Taoist is just a label. Labels don't really do justice to who and what a person is; they are merely contrived conveniences to make it easier for folks to identify people of a certain conceptual ilk.

The blogs listed under the category "Fellow Wanderers" often are Taoist, in nature, but the blogger doesn't specifically identify themselves as such. Some use the labels "Buddhist" or "Ex-Fundamentalist" or something similar. Here's the first of two posts for links added this year to the category.

A Ku Indeed! - A blog by Christopher Panza, an associate professor at Drury University of Springfield, MO. It focuses on an analysis of eastern and western philosophies.

A Time to Rend - …christian, ex-christian, agnostic, atheist, seeker, free-thinker, liberal, progressive, ok, I really don’t like labels…I grew up in a liberal progressive agnostic family, became a christian at around 20 or so, and left the faith 18 years later.

Awake in This Life - Essentially, this blog is about how we can lead deeper, more conscious lives. It is a rough map that points out how any of us can consciously uncover an enlightened understanding that can then be expressed in ways that benefit everyone, and everything.

Barefoot in the Garden - Welcome to my garden. Come in, take off your shoes, and let me offer you a seat in the shade, a cool drink, and friendly conversation while we enjoy the beauty of the day...

Confessions of an Urban Druid - I was raised an Episcopalian, have been Neopagan off and on since I was thirteen and read The Spiral Dance, discovered Druidry in my early twenties, went back to the Church, left it again when the Anglican Communion began to implode, eventually discovered Tibetan Buddhism while studying hermetic magic, took refuge, and then realized I was still a druid anyway. So I’m an Anglican Hermetic Buddhist Revival Druid.

Daily Inspiration - Welcome to Daily Inspiration - Daily Quote - daily inspirational quotes, sayings, and insights on self-respect, self-worth, choice, positive attitude, happiness, vision, perspective, intent, forgiveness, and gratitude. Gain comfort, hope, and self-awareness through beautiful posters with inspiring sayings, and penetrating inquiry on the meaning of life and finding your purpose.

Howling Dragon - Zen Reflections of Socially Engaged Buddhism.

Like Fresh Air - I love to discover new truth, or remind myself of it, for it truly is just like tasting “fresh air:” it’s light, energizing, and invigorating. I love everything and anything that inspires or connects with the Higher Self. This blog, in which I attempt to make daily entries, contains a mixture of things that I find inspiring, uplifting, and enlightening.

On Leaving Fundamentalist Christianity - In 2005, I finally decided to listen to my rational self and conceded that Christianity was flawed. I am now an ex-Christian, and I've been writing my thoughts on leaving the faith for a long time. Look at my archives and you will see the progress of my de-conversion from anger and turmoil to self-respect and free thinking.


  1. "a certain conceptual ilk"

    I like that turn of phrase. :)

  2. Thank you for the links. I, too, choose not to use labels (yet due to laziness will use them in a pinch!)
    take care,
    Louise Lewis, author - "No Experts Needed: The Meaning of Life According to You!"
    FREE read link:

  3. Ah, thanks. That's nice of you, to post the links.

  4. The blogs listed under the category "Fellow Wanderers" often are Taoist, in nature, but the blogger doesn't specifically identify themselves as such.

    Cool set of links, and thanks for including me. I actually browsed a copy of the Tao Te Ching at the library last week; I know next to nothing about Taoism. If my blog is "Taoist in nature" I'll gladly accept the label!


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