Friday, March 27, 2009

Tongue, Dancing

As reported in this space earlier this week, we've added to a new dog to our brood, Jasmine. We had set out with the intent to adopt an older dog because aged mutts generally are harder to find homes for and we have a lot of experience with adopting four-legged senior citizens. We had decided going in that we did NOT want a puppy.

Therefore, it was with a bit of surprise that we settled on an adolescent (estimated age 1 - 2 years old). In a very pleasant way, our home and all its occupants have been turned upside down within a very short period of time!

Up until a few days ago, we led a very quiet and sedentary existence. No more!! Jasmine is a bundle of energy. Every time Della or I move from room to room, our mid-sized tail-wagger is right on our heels. If we aren't on guard, we may find a tongue exploring our faces (including in the mouth, nose or ear) at the drop of a hat. Though Jasmine weighs about 50 or 60 pounds, she seems to think she's a lap dog!

She has a happy-go-lucky personality and has made every effort to become friends with our other four-legged creatures. Our aged collie/shepherd Heidi (comparable in age to a 110 year old human) doesn't know what to make of this constant bundle of joy. She no longer has the energy to play, but we suspect she's gaining some vicarious enjoyment by watching this new whirling dervish of a dog.

Our two older cats (Dylan & Mookie) have established their parameters and, at times, seem oblivious to the new member. Mookie has even gotten to the point of rubbing noses with Jasmine. The only hold out in the family is our one-eyed kitty, Little Bit. He's a very skittish being and it will probably be several weeks before he decides the new creature won't eat him.

There has been one definite upside to bringing in a younger dog; my wife and I are getting more exercise! Taking Jasmine on walks is mandatory and that means one or both of us must walk too. I suspect we'll both look like models within the next year as we log hundreds of miles along the bike path near the river. :-)

All in all, regardless of the personalities involved, welcoming a new member into the family is about change. It offers a microcosm of life itself. It has provided us with a glimpse of the workings of Tao.

Today is a good day.

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