Sunday, March 22, 2009

Three Wishes

Most people know the story of Aladdin and the genie. Freed from a lamp, the latter grants the former three wishes. This same general theme pops up in general conversation from time to time. If you could have three wishes, what would they be?

As a youth, my answers were typical. At various times, I would have wished to win the heart of the "girl of the month" (or week in junior high), fame, power, fortune -- the usual stuff.

As I entered adulthood, my priorities changed to things like a good job, good health, lots of friends, the well-being of my family, etc.

By my 30s though -- as I started to become involved in progressive activism -- my wishes were no longer focused on myself and immediate family. My wishes back then centered on world peace, an end to hunger, an ethos of love and respect for diverse groups, saving the environment and so on.

Today, however, I think I would simply walk away and refuse to make a wish. While I would love to enjoy a long life or see our world at peace, I now believe that such things must happen organically. Consequently, even if I had the power to make things better simply by wishing for them, I don't think I'd use it because whatever magic the genie wrought would not be authentic.

I don't want world peace if it means turning people into automated robots. I wouldn't want a long life if it meant that the natural processes of my body would be altered. I don't need friends who are friends solely because they're under some weird spell.

How about you? If you were granted three wishes, would you utilize them and, if so, what would you wish for and why?


  1. My first instinct is to say I'd wish for an end to suffering. But I'm not talking about the kind of mental anguish suffering that us westerners view as so god-awful terrible when we really should be thanking dog or the universe or who/whatever that our bellies are full enough that we have the time to suffer about mental things... I'm talking about physical suffering by those who truly have no control over it.... Hungry kids. Yes, I happily give all three wishes to end that kind of suffering.

    (And if all the the kids in the world had full bellies and Mr. Genie wanted to throw me a bone, I probably ask him for an IPod.)

  2. Hi R T
    Well, this is really challenging.
    1- I wish that when people leave a relationship that they take the time to tell the person they are leaving behind, why. I think, as human beings, it is one of the cruelest things we do to eachother, to leave without a word.

    2 - I wish there were NO labels given to people that somehow define them - or better said, define behaviors - and thus allow the powers at be to treat them accordingly. Awful, just awful

    3 - I wish that power was NEVER mis-used.

    Wow, who knew that was right there waiting to pour out!! :-)

    Love Gail

  3. Only 3?

    I'd like an entirely new personality. I'd like to be wise in knowing when to speak, when to shout up, when to stand up for myself, when to let fools get away with it.

    I'd also like a couple of good friends and money to retire in dignity.

    Not too much to ask, huh?


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