Sunday, March 22, 2009

A Scary Future

An introduction to global warming impacts: Hell and High Water
March 22nd, 2009

In this post, I will examine the key impacts we face by 2100 if we stay anywhere near our current emissions path. I will focus primarily on:

* Staggeringly high temperature rise, especially over land — some 15°F over much of the United States
* Sea level rise of 5 feet, rising some 6 to 12 inches (or more) each decade thereafter
* Widespread desertification — as much as one-third of the land
* Massive species loss on land and sea — 50% or more of all life
* Unexpected impacts — the fearsome “unknown unknowns”
* More severe hurricanes — especially in the Gulf...

So begins this important post from Climate Progress. Check it out -- if you dare!

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