Thursday, March 26, 2009

Rash Decisions

At times, all of us find ourselves in situations where there appear to be no good options. The sage withdraws to gain a better perspective instead of making rash decisions.
~ Today's Daily Quote from the TaoWoods Center ~
In our modern society, indecisiveness is looked down upon. We're socialized from birth to thrust ourselves into the world to make bold moves. This lesson is a byproduct of our economic system of capitalism. He/she who waits stands to be left behind. The early bird catches the worm. Winning is all that matters.

Is it any wonder that too many of us make one rash and little contemplated decision after another? Is it any wonder that mental health clinics, AA, NA, psychiatrist couches and taverns are filled with humans suffering the consequences of these same rash decisions?

There are times in life in which quick and forceful decisions are needed. If a bus is hurdling toward you at 60 miles per hour, there's no time to sip a cup of tea to mull over the options. Tarry too long and you stand an excellent chance of becoming fresh roadkill!

But most decisions in life aren't like this. Most of the time we have adequate time to weigh the options, if we would only take the time. In essence, we each need to learn to slow down to smell the roses.

Just as important, we must each realize that, when we're too close to an issue, potentialities look far larger or smaller than they actually are. If I hold the page of a book flat against my nose, the words look like an unmitigated jumble of letters. It's only when I move the book back a ways that each word becomes clear.

In this same vein, as today's quote punctuates, often the best way to render a seemingly difficult decision is to step back to provide ourselves with a much broader perspective.

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  1. I like your analogy of the book, very well done. Yes, being decisive is a prized attribute in business, so is knowing when to take a step back and consider your options carefully. The key is to know when you have to react quickly and when you have the time to fully consider your options.


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