Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Priceless as Nothing

A common sentiment expressed in everyday Americana is "It's better than nothing". The thought is usually uttered when someone has received something of what they believe is of little value. It's as if to say, "It might not be much, but it is better than nothing at all."

It's certainly not a surprising statement when one considers the general ethos of western, Christian-based society. Our world is about possessing things, people, ideas and money. A person's status in the community is tied to the amount of things they possess. A person's piety is defined by their relationship with God, the great something. Heck, even our own self-worth too often is married to the idea of having or being something. To have nothing is thought to be the worst thing imaginable!

Yet, from the standpoint of Taoist thought, nothing is the greatest element in the universe. It is priceless beyond compare. If nothing never existed, then no other thing could exist too.

Every thought, feeling, object, person or concept only finds its definition when juxtaposed to nothing. It is the very space of nothingness that envelopes each of us that leads us to distinguish between ourselves and others.

When all is said and done, chances are that, when we die, we are [re]united with nothing. We become nothing and nothing becomes us. It is in this complete nothingness that we find ultimate harmony and peace.

It could well be said that nothing genuinely is a something...all its own.


  1. Yes nothing is truly something. Nothingness is the ultimate place of being.
    Nothing is what is between the notes that make the music. Think about it, eliminate the nothing in music and you would just have noise.

  2. Nothing comes from nothing. Choosing to meditate and teach oneself to empty the mind is a meaningful exercise. A being learns to discard or dissolve the extraneous. One learns the power of silence. Discovered your blog on The Naked Soul.


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