Sunday, February 8, 2009

Little Green Men

As I continue to contemplate the origins of life and the possibility of "alien" life forms, one rather strange idea bubbled up through my consciousness. When we talk of being visited by life forms from "outer space", we tend to envision flying saucers and little green men (rarely little green women -- interesting).

While I certainly wouldn't dismiss this possibility, I'm just as open to the idea that it would be altogether different than our cultural expectations. In fact, maybe these life forms are here among us today and have been here for quite some time!

Maybe they are here, but simply in another dimension or as a bodiless form of consciousness. They are here in a form that we cannot detect with our senses or our computerized technology. Sure, it may not be likely, but it IS a possibility.

Don't get me wrong. I haven't been eating magic mushrooms and I'm not writing these words from a ward inside the insane asylum. I'm not even suggesting that I necessarily hold to such an opinion. It's more of a case of trying to think and visualize outside of the proverbial box.

So, do any of you ponder these sorts of weird things? If so, do you think there are other life forms on other planets or in other galaxies?

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  1. I think we are like slugs, trying to capture the wisdom of an elephant. Hard to know for sure, but there are all kinds of bizarre stories, sightings and experiences that must relate to SOMETHING. Sure wish I had an answer. (BTW some experiences mention female-seeming aliens as I remember but I would have to go back and re-research for links etc.)

    My own tendency is to think that the powers-that-be use the inexplicable to further their own agendas. Just a suspicion.


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