Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Dropped Line

Here's another thing to add to the "Poverty Sucks" file. In an effort to hold down our expenses, we (muffled crying here) gave up our unlimited calling plan and dropped down to basic service. In doing so, we lost one tool that we hadn't even considered -- voice mail. Now, when someone calls our home, if we're not there to answer it, it rings and rings and rings and rings and...

It's amazing how our technology becomes so indispensable in our lives. When a service or product is new, we often think not having it is not such a big deal. Since we're use to doing the things the old fashion way, many of us resist the very idea of change! However, once we decide to take the dive and jump on the techno merry-go-round, it feels really strange when the music stops.


  1. There are these ancient things called answering machines... might solve your problem...

  2. Actually, I think we're going to try to skimp and save up enough to buy a cordless base phone with an extra handset. If we can do that, then we can sign up with Vonage or a like company to get unlimited calling for less than an arm and a leg.


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