Wednesday, January 28, 2009

What Now?

Now that a new study has been released that declares that climate change has passed the tipping point, what do we do now? Should we sit around and cry in our beer? Should we just say "Screw it" and keep on heading down this same road?

Of course, chances are that society will rush to embrace both of the actions listed above. Both represent the easiest route and, besides, what's done is done.

On the other hand, western society could take a page from Taoist belief and decide that now is a good time to practice societal wu wei (i.e., doing without doing or going with the flow). If our government leaders and all of us average citizens decided today to embrace wu wei, we could certainly leave the planet in much better shape for future generations.

For example, nuclear power is trying to force an energy source. It doesn't exist of its own volition and, even worse, it routinely produces deadly byproducts that we can't seem to figure out how to store safely.

Gasoline is also another attempt to manufacture an unnatural energy source. The petroleum industry has spawned our car culture which is one of the leading factors in irreversible climate change.

Wu wei informs us that we need to utilize those energy sources that surround us daily -- sun, wind, water, hydrogen, etc. It's actually downright amazing that the elements most within our reach are the very same ones we utilize the least! If nothing else, it only proves how we humans again and again seem incapable of grasping the obvious.

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  1. The end of the world is coming again?

    These articles have a distinct feel to them: the world's about to end, we have to take action now, but there's really nothing to do except sit and worry.


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