Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Not Going To Happen

Last week Paul Krugman wrote about how our new president needs to hold the former Bush administration accountable for their various illegal activities. On Monday night, Keith Olbermann of MSNBC sang a similar tune. In fact, many pundits have called on President Obama to be the voice of the American people by sending a message that this kind of crap will not be tolerated.

Folks, get a grip. It's not going to happen. Already, our new president is talking about "looking forward". And who can blame him?

While the mainstream media has made it appear that the Bushies were constitutional renegades and that the Congress was in the dark much of the time, information has slowly leaked out that the room wasn't as dark as it seemed. Many key congressional leaders -- on both sides of the aisle -- knew about a lot of this muck LONG before we did and did nothing to stop it.

That is precisely why nothing is going to happen. If Congress were to haul Bush, Cheney and their compartriots before various committees, it would expose many of the very same people conducting the so-called "investigation". So, a lot of our Congressional leaders will talk tough, but in the end, it will be just that -- talk.

It will be left to the historians to judge if Bush et. al. were criminals or not.

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  1. GROAN...

    I guess you're right. But still, he deserves to go to jail.

    Ah well...


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