Friday, January 16, 2009


One of my central rules for blogging is to only write when the words wish to be known. Early this morning the words were clamoring to be exposed, but I was so brain dead from having read The Green Mile for hours on end that I had a great deal of difficulty harnessing their flow. So, what started out as a long exposition (the previous post) became shortened as my brain synapses kept misfiring.

The first line in verse five of the Tao Te Ching reads, "Heaven and earth are impartial". This same concept appears in other places in the book as well. Tao exists for the good and wicked, the just and unjust, the peaceful and non-peaceful, humankind and every other life form. We can each draw on it, if we so choose.

Unlike the depictions of religious monotheism, Tao doesn't care nor cry when we hurt. It doesn't rejoice when we are happy. It doesn't come to our rescue when we call out for it and it doesn't punish us when we go astray.

Tao simply is. It nourishes the flow of life everywhere. It's what keeps the universe going. It's nowhere and everywhere at the same time. Each of us is part of it and it is part of each of us. In fact, the best way to find it is not to look without, but to look within.

Everything is Tao.


  1. The concept of simple impartial exist is comforting in its stability. I appreciate that about the Tao, and thank you for sharing. I can see how remembering and drawing on this stability for support in every day life could be helpful.

    The Tao breathes objectivity.

  2. Stability is certainly important to moi!


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