Thursday, December 25, 2008

The Unending Cycle

For the past few days I've been spending some time reading and commenting over at I'm doing this more for mild amusement than anything else because that blog is certainly not my usual cup of tea. It seems to be filled with reactionary people who are filled with great amounts of angst and hate -- particularly for anyone who supports peace, nonviolence, consensus, economic and environmental justice, and embracing the diversity humanity has to offer.

The people who leave comments resemble a raucous gang of thugs. As the ONLY non-conservative around, they take great delight in cursing at me and using all sorts of vile terms to describe me and/or my beliefs. At a younger age, I would probably have responded in kind, but age has taught me there's no purpose in lowering myself to their level of adolescent behavior. So, about the sternest word I've used is to suggest that some of them sound rather ignorant. For the most part, however, I just ignore their attempts to bait me and keep on point.

Since I've visited conservative blogs before, I knew going in that, by and large, most of the active participants were going to be "blow 'em to smithereens" types of people. And -- surprise, surprise -- that's precisely what I've found at In their mind's eye, ALL Palestinians, in specific, and ALL Arab Muslims, in general, are bloodthirsty killers and should be exterminated post haste. In addition, I've seen no evidence whatsoever that any of them oppose the current "wars" in Afghanistan or Iraq.

The problem with this overall mindset is that violence only begets more violence. It creates an unending cycle that cannot be broken. The only tool that stands a chance of ending the perpetual carnage is NONviolence.

The annals of history underscore the fact that violence never brings forth a lasting peace. The Palestinians and Hebrew people have been warring off and on for over 2,000 years. When the US and world community interjected themselves into the remnants of the former Yugoslavia, they had to deal with animosities that went back hundreds and hundreds of years. Even in our own country, many Americans Indians will tell you that the invading whites have been waging both a military and cultural war on their people since the 1600s and the resentment of many is still palatable.

So, the utilization of force (violence) only may ensure short-term objectives. Yes, you may achieve peace for a generation or two, but the resentment of defeat will cling to the vanguished and, one day, they will seek their revenge. All this does is fuel the cycle to restart anew.

Of course, the most hawkish people will suggest that the way out of this quagmire is via total annihilation of the enemy. Unfortunately, even this savage strategy won't work either. In the process of laying waste to an entire civilization or society, the conquerer becomes so ruthless that even current allies, neutral states and some of their own people will come to realize they've gone too far and that the chosen means do not justify the ends.

So, even if the conquerer is successful in wiping out the designated foe, new enemies automatically propogate and, inevitably, we find one or more opposing sides ready to spill blood all over again.


  1. OMG! Your rendition of the exchanges on Sondrak are hilarious and pure fantasy. Every time one of the commenters try to engage you in intelligent discourse you tout your own advanced intellect without ever making a good argument! You avoid every question they ask and YOU call them names! But I'm sure your readers will buy what you are selling.

  2. Nora,

    Obviously, my good arguments are going over your head. As to calling people names, cite some examples please. Hmm. I'm waiting.

  3. Your good arguments are going over my head? Try making a good argument. The comments you made at Sondrak were nothing but old leftist propaganda. Have you EVER read a book with an opposing viewpoint. I know I have and routinely keep up with what people I do not agree with have to say. But then, most conservatives I know started adult life on the left (as I did) and bailed once we realized it was an immature ideology. Nothing particularly deep about the left. Nothing noble in it either regardless of what you tell yourselves.

  4. Of course, this IS the problem. A "good argument" in your book is one that you already agree with! Consequently, any rationale that I offer that doesn't agree with your perspective will be considered by you to be a "bad" argument.

    I'm still waiting for you to cite examples of me calling other people names. I noticed you ignored this portion of my response because you can't provide any.

  5. Taoist,

    What you fail to mention, if even consider, is that the comments at sondrak's are made in response to posted stories and articles, and are not simply made without any context. That is irresponsible.

    Thus, for someone who reads Taoist's posting above, you would do better to go to and read the postings, and then read the comments, before believing that, in "their mind's eye, ALL Palestinians, in specific, and ALL Arab Muslims, in general, are bloodthirsty killers and should be exterminated post haste."

  6. I agree that folks should go read the comments for themselves. That said, I believe that if they do, then they'll easily understand my statement above.


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