Friday, December 19, 2008

Here or There

For a period of about a month, I was posting between 1 - 3 entries here each day. All of a sudden, the posts became more infrequent. Well, it's not because I encountered writer's block or I ran out of things to write. My attention was turned elsewhere.

I had gotten far ahead of my schedule for GreenPRO, an online database of progressive policies, resolutions and ordinances. In fact, I got so far ahead that I didn't need to do any research nor add any entries for nearly one month -- that same period of time I was posting a lot here.

In time, I began to realize that I had taken so much time off that I was now behind schedule. So, for the last week or so, I've added nearly 100 new entries. While finding the information to post certainly takes some time, the formatting of text in WikiMedia syntax is what really eats up the day -- Note: I'm a one-fingered typist! After plodding along at this task for several hours, I'm in no mood to think or write deep thoughts.

This is a very typical situation for a person with AS. At times, we can resemble an alcoholic going on a binge! In fact, binges often describe my life. I get all consumed with GreenPRO or this blog and it's all I think about. The transition from one to the other is often difficult as I always find it very difficult to switch gears and my personality doesn't allow me to do two things at once. Thus, I'm either working like a madman on the database or I'm writing tomes here. (I'm winding down from GreenPRO as I'm close to being one month ahead of schedule again, so I should resume writing more here.)

At least research, formatting and writing aren't as bad for one's health as staying perpetually drunk or stoned. ;-) It still drives my wife a bit batty, though.

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