Tuesday, December 9, 2008

The Fox Chases IE from Henhouse

When I first launched my blog in 2005, my tracking software indicated that nearly 3/4 of my visitors used some release of Internet Explorer as their web browser. As the weeks, months and years have ticked by, this figure continues to decline. As of today, over 65% of my visitors use something other than IE with Firefox now showing a comfortable lead.

I think this is fantastic news as I support open source software. I began using Netscape as soon as it came out and switched to Mozilla and Firefox as soon as they came out. I will admit, sheepishly, that I too used IE and Outlook when I first began surfing the web, but both programs irritated the hell out of me. I'm glad that others were irritated too and this spawned a multitude of alternatives.

I also have K-Meleon and Opera on my computer because I sometimes like to see how different web sites appear on different browsers, but I use Firefox 95% of the time.

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