Saturday, December 13, 2008

All Bark, No Bite

After all the various weather warnings, not much happened. We did experience some minor flooding from the coastal surge, but the high winds never materialized. I think the highest recorded gust in South Bend was 46 mph and we had received 1.2" of rain at the time our local weather station went offline (around 9 p.m.).

This is the thing about weather and our weather prediction capabilities. For all our science, knowledge and gadgetry, we still guess a lot! One of the drawbacks of guessing is that we sometimes guess wrong. So, in 2007, the guess was for a moderate storm and we got a very severe storm. This year the guess was for a moderate storm and it ended up being fairly run-of-the-mill.

To be quite candid, I'm a bit disappointed. While I certainly didn't wish a severe storm on my neighbors with the resulting damage, I do like storms! I was looking forward to be able to watch the trees bend a little sideways.

I sort of feel like a guy who lights a roman candle and all I got was a little fizz. :-(

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