Saturday, November 15, 2008

The Perks

While there are certainly a lot of hurdles imposed by Asperger's Syndrome (AS), I certainly don't wish it to appear that it's all gloom and doom. Every individual in this life faces challenges whether they be physical, psychological, or spiritual. There is no such thing as an average normal person. What is normal to one of us may be decidedly abnormal to others and vice versa.

Because the AS individual finds great difficulty in navigating social situations, many of us have channeled our time and energy into specific fields that are not social, by nature. Many people believe that Albert Einstein suffered from AS and he made a stupendous contribution to the furthering of knowledge.

For me, my outlets for expression are philosophy and writing. This very blog and my other blog, Greener Times, offer me the opportunity to share my perspective on life with the world. Through both I've met several interesting people -- folks I would probably have shied away from had I met them in person!

Another plus that derives from AS is the ability for contemplation. A great many people in this world are running to and fro at such a frenzied pace each day that it can very hard to slow down the metabolism to stop to think deeply. As an extremely routinized individual, I rarely rush around and so deep thought is part and parcel of my life.

Finally, because of my social isolation, I am very comfortable with being alone. On the surface, this might seem a negative, not a plus (and sometimes it certainly is!) However, a great many people are terrified at the thought of spending time with no one but themselves! They go to great lengths NOT to be alone by surrounding themselves with just anybody they can find or engaging in behaviors that can only be considered destructive.

AS definitely is a major challenge in one's life, but it's not a death sentence. The trick is to figure out how best to live on this wrong planet and engage the natives.

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  1. Trey,

    "...engage the natives." Keep plucking away at us as we need to be educated as well. I've been reading with interest as you continue with the discovery process.

    -- Robin


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