Sunday, March 23, 2008

Knock, Knock Who's There?

As today is the holiest of holy days in Christendom, it got me to thinking about the "rapture". Since, according to the bible, most people of his day didn't recognize Jesus as the Messiah back then, why do present day Christians think they will recognize him during the second coming?

By almost all accounts, this Jewish carpenter had a decidedly small following and, even amongst his own followers, many didn't view him as the son of "God" -- He was simply a wise teacher and a sage. Even after the "resurrection", most people still didn't view him as anything divine or special. So I ask again, why do contemporary Christians think they will be any different?

For one thing, whose to say that he hasn't already come and gone? Because so few people recognized him for who he is, he just threw up his hands in frustration!

For another thing -- if you even believe in these fairy tales -- do people think he will send out an advance team to work up a big pr campaign announcing his arrival? Are they expecting the kind of spectacle that one might see on Super Bowl Sunday? Are they expecting the right wing blogosphere to create an internet event of epic proportions?

My guess is that, if the second coming ever came to pass, contemporary right-wing Christian zealots, who chortle incessantly about the impending rapture, wouldn't even bat an eyelash. They would summarily dismiss this obvious crackpot or lunatic. Others would froth at the mouth and mount an extensive "Swift Boat" campaign declaring that this person was not the second coming of the Messiah at all, but the antichrist himself.


  1. A true Taoist would never attack another religion.

    Since you have no problem doing so - and by the history of your posts you have some hatred for Christians, one can only deduce you are a "Taoist" in name only.

  2. well i hat chistions i really do, thay dont fallow what thay preach at all and thay do harm to people. i have seen it. how can i reais some one up ubove me or rais my self obove others. we are all created equil? right. im fucking superior to all those living in delution. if chuie came back he would be a holicrishna typ dud at the air port that all the chirstions would ignore and walk by. yes thay had to make a god out of him to volitafi the religion. its pathetic. the shroud is a fake and thay thought that think was holey, what a power hungry empty religine.


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