Saturday, July 28, 2007

If I Was Running for President in '08

If I was running for the office of President of the United States, my campaign platform would look far different than the ones being touted by the many candidates vying for the Democratic and Republican Party nominations. Here are some of the planks.
  • Immediate withdrawal of US troops from both Afghanistan & Iraq.
  • I'd go to the United Nations, with hat in hand, to apologize for US-led aggression and work with the nations of the world to place a team of peacekeepers in both countries. The US, of course, would supply troops for both missions, BUT they would be under the control of the UN, not the US.
  • I would work with Congressional leaders to develop a reparations package to both nations to aid in reconstructing their countries.
  • I would go before the UN and the citizens of the US to declare that our nation does not believe in preemptive military aggression nor the use of torture.
  • I would immediately shut down Gitmo and send all prisoners currently held there to federal prisons. I would provide each prisoner will full access to legal counsel, including the release of information as to why each person was arrested in the first place.
  • I would also immediately shut down the School of the Americas in Athens, Georgia and pardon anyone who was/had been charged with a crime for protesting at the site.
  • I would submit a budget to Congress that reduced military spending by 25% and would use some of the savings to establish a cabinet-level Department of Peace.
  • I would scuttle the Department of Homeland Security.
  • I would work with Congressional leaders to introduce legislation to broaden the Endangered Species Act, develop universal health care, end all subsidies to the oil and nuclear power industries and use these savings to better fund research into alternative energy sources.
  • I would promote the use of Instant Runoff Voting and would encourage states to move away from paperless electronic voting systems.
  • I would encourage Congress to repeal the No Child Left Behind Act and NAFTA.
These are but a few of the planks of what my platform might be. What would your platform look like?

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  1. You would think that most of these planks would be "no brainers", wouldn't you? I think that it just shows how disconnected the ruling class is from the mass of voters that your platform would never be used by a "serious" candidate.


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