Thursday, May 3, 2007

Section 8.08.020

Free speech ain't what it used to be. I stopped by the local police department yesterday to find out where our fine law enforcement people plan to ALLOW protesters to exercise our cherished first amendment rights. They are providing us with a freshly mowed field. What do they think we are? Grazing cattle?

After my little visit downtown, I came home to my computer to take a look at the City of Aberdeen's Municipal Code. Under Section 8.08.020, I found the following:
Public nuisance defined.
Every act unlawfully done and every omission to perform a duty, which act or omission:
A. Annoys, injures or endangers the safety, health, comfort or repose of the citizens of the city;
That's right! You can be arrested for being annoying.

Well, the fact that the military-industrial complex has decided to use my town to ship weapons of destruction to far off lands really ticks me off. In fact, I dare say it ANNOYS me. Do you think that if I tell a local police officer that I'm annoyed, they will go arrest the military?


  1. Hello Trey,

    It sure would be nice to stop these military shipments and shut down the death march!

    I am just saying no! to military madness, violence and destruction!

    I'd love to come out to Aberdeen to show my support for shutting down the imperial occupation of iraq - and show my opposition to this shipment! I'll stay tuned to see if there are any rallies planned.

  2. How nice that you will be given a "free speech zone." Are they going to surround it with chain link fencing and razor wire for your convenience?

  3. Rich,
    Don't give them any ideas! :-)


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